The Best Kept Secret on Campus


The Association of College and University Clubs (ACUC) is a network of campus-based university clubs located throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. As hospitality providers, university clubs promote collegiality, social interaction and enhanced communication among members or academic and professional communities. Nearly 90 clubs participate in the association’s reciprocity program, facilitating academic interaction by opening their doors to club members visiting from other campuses. You will be pleased to know that many of these clubs also offer overnight lodging in some of the most charming, elegant, and historic facilities.

Each club in the association is a unique reflection of the university community it serves. The facilities and services available, as well as hours of operations, are quite different in each club. To ensure an enjoyable visit to an ACUC member organization, please check with the individual club. When planning a visit to another club, please contact Alicia Bogart, Director at to obtain an ACUC Reciprocal Membership Card and a Reciprocal Program brochure.

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